To Single Moms On Mothers Day May 8, 2016/ Blog

To the newly divorced mom who won’t be getting a mother’s day gift this year because their children are too young to buy one themselves.

To the mom that does the work of two parents but don’t nearly the same appreciation as mothers who do half the work she does.

To the mother that makes excuses to her children about why daddy didn’t come to get them…again.

To the  moms that take care of their kids when they are sick, buys all the birthday and Christmas gifts, goes to doctors appointments, parent teacher conferences, recitals, all on her own.

To the mom who works all day, gets dinner on the table every night and helps with homework.

To the mom who sacrifices time, money, energy, and even romance for her children.

This is for you. Your struggle does not go unnoticed. You are appreciated.
If you know a single mom that does all of these things, share this with her to let her know that she is loved and appreciated on Mother’s Day and everyday.