6 Things To Do After Your Divorce Is Finalized

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ February 16, 2018

  Today is the day. You finally have that signed Judgement of Divorce in your hand.  The divorce is final, now what? Even though the divorce process is complete, your work is not over. There are still several steps you need to take to jumpstart your new single life. Things To Do Once Your Divorce Is Final Review your Judgement

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The Hidden Costs Of Delaying Divorce

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ January 6, 2018

Your marriage is over. You know it, your spouse knows, even your children know it. But you haven’t taken any steps to file for divorce. You keep telling yourself you are waiting for the right time, the children need to be older, you need more money. Excuse after excuse. But the longer you wait to divorce the more complicated, and

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How To Help Your Kids Cope With A Narcissistic Parent

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ November 10, 2017

Divorcing a narcissist comes with many complications. But your biggest concern should be protecting your children from a narcissistic parent. Be Your Child’s Calm Parent A divorce is likely to escalate emotions and certainly amplify some of your spouse’s narcissistic tendencies. Though this will be a tumultuous time for you, someone has to consider the kids. Protecting their calm and

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3 Signs You Are Being Financially Abused

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ October 19, 2017

October is Domestic Abuse Awareness month and while many people think of physical abuse when they hear domestic violence, there are other nonphysical ways a person can be abused. One common form of abuse, that often happens in conjunction with other forms of abuse, is financial. Financial abuse is a form of control and domination wherein the abuser uses the

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joleenapickett@gmail.com/ August 25, 2017

What Is A Divorce Preliminary Conference? The purpose of this appearance is to let the court know what the issues are and to set a schedule for exchanging discovery. What Do I Need To Prepare For The Preliminary Conference? Prior to your New York divorce preliminary conference, you and your attorney should have prepared your statement of Net Worth. You

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What Happens To The Kids if the Custodial Parent Dies?

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ May 4, 2017

A very common concern many parents have is what happens to their children the custodial parent dies. Every parent should have a plan for their children in the event of the parents’ death, but there are specific concerns if the parents are no longer together. Surviving Parent Takes Priority Regardless of who has custody, or if the deceased parent has

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Child Support For The Self-Employed

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ March 16, 2017

In most New York divorce actions, child support is the easiest issue to settle. The New York Child Support Standards Act (CSSA),  lays out a standard formula that determines the child support obligation of the non-custodial parent.   The formula considers the number of children, each parent’s income, child care expenses, health insurance expenses, and any extraordinary expenses related to

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4 Money Questions To Ask Before You Get Married

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ January 26, 2017

Money is one of the leading causes of divorce, so if you want to start your marriage off on the right track you should ask your fiance these important money questions. “What Is Your Current Level of Debt? Debt can have a huge impact on planning your future together because of its negative effect on your credit score. If you want

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Top New York Divorce Articles Of 2016

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ December 29, 2016

I asked and you answered. All of the blog posts shared on Joleena Louis Law were questions from readers or social media followers. Here are the most popular new york divorce tips on the blog this year. http://www.joleenalouislaw.com/divorcing-narcissist/ http://www.joleenalouislaw.com/protecting-business-from-divorce/ http://www.joleenalouislaw.com/cant-afford-attorney/ http://www.joleenalouislaw.com/prepare-statement-net-worth/ http://www.joleenalouislaw.com/no-accountability-child-support-spent/ What New York divorce topics would you like to learn more about? Leave your suggestions in the comments!