What Happens To The Kids if the Custodial Parent Dies?

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ May 4, 2017

A very common concern many parents have is what happens to their children the custodial parent dies. Every parent should have a plan for their children in the event of the parents’ death, but there are specific concerns if the parents are no longer together. Surviving Parent Takes Priority Regardless of who has custody, or if the deceased parent has

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Child Support For The Self-Employed

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ March 16, 2017

In most New York divorce actions, child support is the easiest issue to settle. The New York Child Support Standards Act (CSSA),  lays out a standard formula that determines the child support obligation of the non-custodial parent.   The formula considers the number of children, each parent’s income, child care expenses, health insurance expenses, and any extraordinary expenses related to

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4 Money Questions To Ask Before You Get Married

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ January 26, 2017

Money is one of the leading causes of divorce, so if you want to start your marriage off on the right track you should ask your fiance these important money questions. “What Is Your Current Level of Debt? Debt can have a huge impact on planning your future together because of its negative effect on your credit score. If you want

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Top New York Divorce Articles Of 2016

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ December 29, 2016

I asked and you answered. All of the blog posts shared on Joleena Louis Law were questions from readers or social media followers. Here are the most popular new york divorce tips on the blog this year. http://www.joleenalouislaw.com/divorcing-narcissist/ http://www.joleenalouislaw.com/protecting-business-from-divorce/ http://www.joleenalouislaw.com/cant-afford-attorney/ http://www.joleenalouislaw.com/prepare-statement-net-worth/ http://www.joleenalouislaw.com/no-accountability-child-support-spent/ What New York divorce topics would you like to learn more about? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

What Fathers Can Do To Prepare For A Custody Battle

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ December 15, 2016

Preparing for a custody battle can be one of the scariest and most difficult things you have to do. While fathers can, and often do, get full or joint custody of their children, it can often be a tougher fight than it is for mothers. Following this tips and hiring a good attorney can help level the playing field. Be

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How To Protect Yourself When Divorcing A Narcissist

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ October 13, 2016

In almost every high conflict divorce case either one or both parties are accused of being a narcissist. In most cases neither party is actually a narcissist and the parties are just experiencing typical divorce conflict. However, in some cases, one party is a true narcissist and special precautions need to be taken. What are the characteristics of a real

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How To Decide Who Gets The Pet In A Divorce

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ September 15, 2016

As all pet owners know, pets become part of your family. Often couples treat their pets like children, and the prospect of never seeing your beloved pet again can just as bad as losing custody of a child. Research suggest that about 50% of American marriages end in divorce and that 62% of American households include at least one pet.

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What You Need To Know About Child Support In New York

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ September 1, 2016

Child Support in New York can seem confusing and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You asked your biggest questions and I answered. Check out the slideshow below for answers to the most common questions about child support in New York. Have more questions? Follow us on Facebook for more New York child support and child custody tips.