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How To Help Your Kids Cope With A Narcissistic Parent

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ November 10, 2017

Divorcing a narcissist comes with many complications. But your biggest concern should be protecting your children from a narcissistic parent. Be Your Child’s Calm Parent A divorce is likely to escalate emotions and certainly amplify some of your spouse’s narcissistic tendencies. Though this will be a tumultuous time for you, someone has to consider the kids. Protecting their calm and

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joleenapickett@gmail.com/ August 25, 2017

What Is A Divorce Preliminary Conference? The purpose of this appearance is to let the court know what the issues are and to set a schedule for exchanging discovery. What Do I Need To Prepare For The Preliminary Conference? Prior to your New York divorce preliminary conference, you and your attorney should have prepared your statement of Net Worth. You

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What Happens To The Kids if the Custodial Parent Dies?

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ May 4, 2017

A very common concern many parents have is what happens to their children the custodial parent dies. Every parent should have a plan for their children in the event of the parents’ death, but there are specific concerns if the parents are no longer together. Surviving Parent Takes Priority Regardless of who has custody, or if the deceased parent has

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The Ultimate Guide To Parenting Plans

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ May 19, 2016

When it comes to child custody in divorce, your parenting plan will be the law that governs co-parenting your children. A well written plan will help keep your children’s lives predictable and aid in minimizing conflict between you and your ex. This guide will help you consider what topics to include in when creating your parenting plan. What Is A

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To Single Moms On Mothers Day

joleenapickett@gmail.com/ May 8, 2016

To the newly divorced mom who won’t be getting a mother’s day gift this year because their children are too young to buy one themselves. To the mom that does the work of two parents but don’t nearly the same appreciation as mothers who do half the work she does. To the mother that makes excuses to her children about

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