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Small Business Contracts

I love working with small business owners, so Joleena Louis Law has expanded to better serve your needs. In addition to helping you protect your business from divorce, I now draft custom contracts for your small business.

I’ve built relationships with hundreds of  entrepreneurs and many have had the same problem; finding affordable legal solutions such as small business contracts.

Most small and solo entrepreneurs need simple legal documents customized to their specific business. They require a well drafted legal document  that won’t break the bank. That’s why I decided to offer this service at affordable prices.

Divorce effects your taxes

Services $99+  (depending on complexity of the contract)

Review & Explanation of Contract :

This is for someone who has been asked to sign a contract or have a DIY contract they would like to have reviewed. You will send me the contract in advance, and we will meet (in person or over the phone) to go over it. I’ll explain any points you don’t understand and point out things you should be concerned about.

Draft of Documents:

I will draft the following custom documents contracts. You will receive a quote for a flat fee depending on the complexity of the document:

Wedding vendors: photographers, videographers, caterers

Website designers/Graphic designer client agreements

Social media promotion agreements/ sponsored posts

Speaking engagement agreements

Webinar agreements: webinar guests, co-sponsors, and customer agreements

Boutique and consignment agreements

Business partnership agreements

Complete the form below and include the type of contract you are interested in. You’ll be contacted with a quote and instructions on the next step.