Narcissist Divorce 

Narcissist Divorce NY

How To Divorce A Narcissist In New York 

Going through a divorce can be difficult, but divorcing a partner with narcissist personality traits can make you feel powerless.


Narcissist thrive in high conflict situations like divorce

Narcissists believe they are above the law and don’t feel the rules apply to them.  They thrive on the adversarial nature of divorce and will manipulate the system whenever they can in order to “win.”

A narcissist  will do everything possible to complicate and delay the divorce process including:

  • Refusing to provide documents

  • Refusing to negotiate

  • Ignoring court orders

  • Lying about income

  • Hiding assets

  • Making false allegations of abuse or neglect

They often have no interest in an amicable resolution and are willing to whatever it takes to win.

Due to their manipulative nature, they can be very good at fooling others, including their attorney or even the judge.

Having a New York divorce attorney on your side that has experience dealing with narcissistic spouses can help you navigate the process and help ensure that the narcissistic abuse endured in your marriage is seen for what it really is.

Joleena Louis Law has extensive experience representing our client’s against a spouse who has been diagnosed with Narcissist Personality Disorder and those who have not been diagnosed but have narcissist personality traits.

Divorcing a narcissist in can be difficult, but with the help of the right attorney, it’s not impossible. I have the experience and skills to help guide you through the process in a safe and informed manner.

If you are ready to talk about how I can help you safely divorce your narcissist spouse in New York, schedule your case strategy session below.