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At Joleena Louis Law we believe that legal advice can only be effective if it is tailored to each client’s specific needs.  We take the time to get to know our client’s preferences, fears ,family dynamics, and lifestyle so we can help them make the best decisions possible. 

For this reason, we only take on a certain amount of cases per year so we can continue to provide excellent service to each client.

While we represent clients with many divorce issues, we have extensive experience in representing the unique needs of entrepreneurs and business owners. 

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Our Fees

Joleena Louis Law has 3 fee structures:

Fixed Fees 

Our most popular fee structure is a fixed fee. Fixed fees are based on the complexity and specific issues in your case and the total fee can vary by client.

With fixed fees, you will know from the beginning exactly how much your divorce will cost. Your one-time payment will cover your entire case, no matter how long it takes.

Flat Fees

For certain services, such as uncontested divorces, we offer a flat fee. This means you are charged a flat price to resolve your legal issues. For these services the same fee applies to everyone.


We also offer the traditional hourly rate. You will pay a retainer amount up front and our hourly rate will be deducted from that amount as we work on your case. Once your retainer has diminished past a certain point you will be required to replenish it.

With this option, the entire amount of your legal fee will be uncertain until your case is concluded. However, this option is easier for some because the money paid up front is substantially less than with a fixed fee.